I've only gone and done it!

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Buchan Loon
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I've only gone and done it!

Post by Buchan Loon » 24 Jul 2011, 07:24

Hi everyone

Been a long time lurker on here since having a Xantia a few years back, unfortunately a mate borrowing it, a patch of diesel and a telegraph pole put paid to that! Always wanted another but cirumstances never allowed

Anyhoo, the wife's Pug 406 bit the dust last weekend (rear subframe collapsed due to corrosion) so I needed a replacement in a hurry. Managed to find a 2.1 SX saloon not too far away so snapped it up. 2.1 wouldn't have been my first choice but it was a Xantia at the right price in the right place at the right time, and I'm learning to love it already! Trailered the Pug to the scrapper yesterday no problem at all.

Sorry to ramble but I'd also like to add the other reason for wanting a Xantia - this forum! The wealth of knowledge on here is unbelievable. Everyone seems so friendly and helpful, even the arguments are civilised!

Look forward to participating in the future :D
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Post by Trainman » 24 Jul 2011, 07:56

:welc: The 2.1's are quite rare these days, The one I used to have, I still regret letting go.......... :wink:

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Post by CitroJim » 24 Jul 2011, 10:14

A very warm welcome Mr. Loon :D

And welcome to Xantia ownership. The Xantia is just like the 406 but far and away more comfy :D

It has all the same qualities as the 406 with a heck of a lot more thrown in as a bonus....

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Post by bxzx16v » 24 Jul 2011, 22:17

Welcome along , we also had a 2.1td sx a few years ago , fantastic car the wife loved it


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Post by Citroenmad » 24 Jul 2011, 22:50

Welcome to the FCF, good choice with the car 8-)
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Buchan Loon
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Post by Buchan Loon » 25 Jul 2011, 09:53

bxzx16v wrote:Welcome along , we also had a 2.1td sx a few years ago , fantastic car the wife loved it


Aye, tell me about it! my wife drove it home. When we got back and I'm standing gazing admiringly at her (the Xantia, not the wife :lol: ) She turns to me and says "Oi, hands off - it's my car!"

Thanks all for the welcomes
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Post by CitroenLover » 31 Jul 2011, 19:41

Congratulations on your Xantia!

I do quite like those, but don't need another car just now, or I'd buy one!
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