2004 Berlingo 1.6 petrol Air con.

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2004 Berlingo 1.6 petrol Air con.

Post by Menorca1 »

Aircon was working fine,ceased suddenly, light in switch illuminates but clutch on compressor does not engage. Took car to a so called specialist, came back for a bill for regassing and a painful estimate for a replacement compressor. Not happy so connected 12v directly to clutch, works perfectly, cold air to car. what else can I try?. more importantly where are the important bits located, controller, sensors and pressure switches, haynes manual is no help.
any info appreciated,
Thanks, Jeff
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Post by P616VKX »

I'd be looking at the blower motor connections, as the blower has to be on to engage the AC.

Not sure if it's of any use, but my Xantia won't allow me to run the Air Con when the Engine Cooling Fan is on FAST.

Two places to look... :)