How to Prepare Your Car For the Winter

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How to Prepare Your Car For the Winter

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How to Prepare Your Car For the Winter
When winter approaches there are some basic things you must do to make sure your vehicle remains reliable and safe. If you live in a warm climate you should do these things on a regular basis anyway for the same reasons!
1.Have your cooling system cleaned and flushed, and new antifreeze put in.
1.A thorough cooling system check will include a leak test. This is where they put the system under pressure and visually look for leaks. Ask you mechanic to do this, in the event it is not part of his regular cooling system service.
1.Make sure that all your radiator and heater hoses are also checked. If any of them show signs of cracking, rotting or softness replace them even if they're not leaking yet.
1.Check all fan belts for cracks or wear. Replace if necessary.
1.Check your windshield wipers for wear. Replace if needed
1.Have your brakes and tires checked. Replace any worn parts in the brakes and any worn tires.
1.Also make sure your spare has air in it, and you know how to safely use your jack and lug wrench.
1.Make sure your heater, defroster and rear defogger are working properly.
1.Have your battery and charging system checked for optimum performance. Don't take any chances here.
1.Carry emergency equipment on board your vehicle, including jumper cables, flash light, extra batteries, flares, a shovel, first aid kit, basic hand tools, blankets and if at all possible a cell phone.
1.And don't forget to keep plenty of gas and windshield washer fluid in your vehicle.

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Thanks for the winter tips :)

Apart from a new battery i think my C5 s up to coping with this winter.

Its a white out here this morning and its just started snowing again, i cant see it lasting long but its no doubt going to slow my commute down this morning :?