Keeping it Shiny Side Up

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Keeping it Shiny Side Up

Post by addo »

Just a reminder, for those of us who enjoy a spirited drive about the countryside.

Came across a bike that had gone down yesterday early afternoon, on a twisty "C" road. Rider had lost a fair bit of bark from the back of his left hand, and some on the left shoulder; fortunately no broken limbs. Helmet had broken his nose, but that's minor by comparison.

I parked the Xantia where it buffered traffic around the event. To further complicate things our rider and his mate were one percenters; all they wanted to do was get back on the road with no stickybeakers, police, ambulances etc. Declined my offer of strapping the wounds with tape, but didn't say no to a handful of painkillers. :lol:

So, the break didn't quite double as a big white ambulance but came close. It's a pretty sobering reminder both to drive/ride carefully, and to remember that a blind corner is just that - you can never be sure what might lie on the road ahead...

Cheers, Adam.
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Re: Keeping it Shiny Side Up

Post by Citroenmad »

addo wrote: to remember that a blind corner is just that - you can never be sure what might lie on the road ahead...

Cheers, Adam.
I was on a small counrty road a good few years ago, when i came round a corner to find a motorbike had smashed into the back of a parked Saab, luckily the police and ambulance were already in attendance and there were two other bikers, another of which had crashed but was ok. The biker who hit the Saab was trapped under it, his helmet was off and no one was bothering with him ...

Kind of put me off bikes a bit more :(
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Post by citronut »

when i worked at Whatlington garage on the A21 just up from Hasting,

the garage is just the other side of a very tight bend, and we quite often had cars takeing out the pumps and anything ellss that was in there way,

mostly happend around 1ish am sunday mornning,s ejuts on there way home from partying,

one morning about that time a motor cyclyeist came round the bent lost it, the bike must have gone across the forcourt on its side, then pushed three cars sideways, the pillion was found with his head under the gear box of a dersh (2cv) the other end of the forcourt dead,

a few weeks later a freind of the rider bought him down from london were they lived, and he stood on the forcourt argueing with my boss's son that he had only been doing 30mph,

another time my boss was standing near the edge of the forcourt talking to a customer, when some plonker came round the bend in a reliant reagale, he lost it hit the telagraph poll in the garden next door to the garage, the hole front wing with head lamp came over the fence and landed on the ground by my boss's feet,

the driver was on his way home from collecting his wife and new born baby, luckyly no one was hurt,

regards malcolm