Another change!

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Another change!

Post by demag »

Yay hey hey the bloody Scenic should be gone by next weekend :D . Big big mistake buying that. P/x'd it for a Kia Carens auto diesel today 55 plate with 30k on the clock. I am surprised and pleased the dealer gave me £3300 for it. He's welcome to it. Hopefully I have better luck going Korean? Malaysian? Well Eastern anyway.
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Post by Deanxm »

Judging by your signature isnt it time you got yourself another Derv XM? :lol:

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Post by Citroenmad »

Kias are Korean yep, usually quite well built too actually.

I dont know anything about Kias, though they do seem to be getting better. I had a Kia Cerato for two weeks as a loan car, it was ok, spacious, refined, well specced, though it was very boring, just like a blob of car with no defining reatures, the 1.6 petrol was awful. Anyway, i bet no one knows what a Cerato is, i think ive only ever seen a handful.

The Scenic IIs are good cars, when they work and everything is still attached. As i said elsewhere, i wouldnt recommend anyone to buy one.