Another Ebay Faux Pais

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Another Ebay Faux Pais

Post by Trainman »

A boot lid with Satnav, How cool is that ??? :lol: ... 2a0a308277
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Post by CitroJim »

Is that so it can find its way to the car it belongs to?
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Post by Deanxm »

i wonder if you pay extra to have the gps ariel hole in the boot??
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Post by ACTIVE8 »

Saloon bootlid with hold for sat nav aerial
It's a hold for what?

He could stick a boomerang aerial in it, like the yank limos!
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Post by wheeler »

It will be off a convertible model, theres noware else to stick the GPS reciever.

Post by Kamalbablu »

its really seems good ,

thanks for sharing here ,

it gonna rockzzz .................... :wink:
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Post by RobinMasters »

They have an aerial for the satnav on the boot lid; about the size of a fag packet. Like this (it's an S8 in the picture):