tyres for the xant

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tyres for the xant

Post by jgra1 »

hi all :D the xant really needs 4 of them, and I am not paying :shock: rather it's current driver is :lol:

she went to her local company whom she always uses, £270 for 4 primewells? fitted etc, never heard of them..

black circles will send me 4 Khumbo's at about £160, and i should be able to get them fitted for another 20-30£ cash... has anyone got them on their car? This is a xantia TD and as such I have never bothered with OE or expensive stuff.. it does run exclusive wheels.. it does not run exclusive speeds ;)

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Post by dnsey »

I haven't tried Khumbo, but can recommend Goodride H600s from mytyres.co.uk. at a similar price.
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Post by myglaren »

I have Kumho's on the rear and will also be fitting them to the front in a day or two (MOT advisory).

My son has Kumhos all round on his 306 and is quite happy with them.

We paid £125 per pair fitted and balanced.
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Re: tyres for the xant

Post by red_dwarfers »

jgra1 wrote:it does run exclusive wheels.. it does not run exclusive speeds ;)

That was a proper rib tickler :lol:

I've had Goodyear Excellence's on the front of my Xant and I really like them. For a short time, I stuck the Enduro Runways at the rear on the front to wear them down quicker as they had been on there for a few years. On a few occasions I managed to wheel spin pulling away on a wet road that I have never had any trouble with in the past, I could also get them to squeal rather easily along with poor braking in the wet. Soon after they came off, the Goodyears went back on the front and some new Toyos are now on the back ready for the heavy rain.
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Post by jgra1 »

thanks all :D will price up a cash fit -and- balance tomorrow.. expecting £30 for all.. a chap at work brought some cheap[er] tyres for his audi, I think they were £90 each from blackcircles, then he asked audi to fit them :roll: :shock: £50 per wheel !
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Post by addo »

I've trialled both Kumho Solus and Ecsta in 205/60/15 size on the Xantia - better for me than Yoki C-Drives. Ecsta were cheaper than Solus - odd, for a higher-echelon tyre.

Kumho also make some cheaper tyres about which I know nothing.

Caveat: I run 36/34 pressures not 33/30