Dealing with rust and chips

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Dealing with rust and chips

Post by Jimothy »

Just wondering what the consensus is on the best way to procede with a few common paintwork problems:

1) Rust under paintwork:

2) Stone chip with dent and exposed metal:

3) Chipped/split paintwork caused by impact from inside (ie bulge, not dent):

4) Surface rust on metal wheels:

In each case my primary concern is preventing the problem getting worse, rather than making a "perfect" repair.

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Post by red_dwarfers »

I think the only proper way of repairing surface rust is to use 'wet and dry' sandpaper (Basically sandpaper that doesn't break up and go all soggy when in water) to work your way down to the bare metal and remove all traces of rust. Feather the paintwork around so that you can see all of the different layers gradually going from the top coat right down to the metal so that you don't have any ridges.
Mask everything in a 1 mile radius (I kid a bit but spray paint gets EVERYWHERE)
Spray on a few layers of primer.
Wait a bit...
Spray on the paint and other stuff (laquer and that).

That is a rough guide, don't follow it to the tee. But if you want to get rid of the rust, really its got to be done properly!