Young Jaramy Clarkson - Citroen 2CV

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Young Jaramy Clarkson - Citroen 2CV

Post by vince »

Check out Jeremy Clarkson.....he looks about 21 :lol:

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Young Jeremy Clarkson

Post by scratcher »

Hi, I wonder how many small modern cars would stand up to a 24hr. race without misshap? Gerry
tim leech
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Post by tim leech »

hes 30 then, my those last 20 years have been hard!
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Post by citronut »

i preffer grass track dersh raccing, but as far as im aware they dont do it in UK anymore,

dersh boat raccing is quite sight to,

regards malcolm
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Post by citroenxm »

I got side tracked straight away to this:

605 24v S1

A NICE review of the 24v PRV V6 in the 605! I like chris's comments!

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Re: Young Jaramy Clarkson - Citroën 2CV

Post by uhn113x »

vince wrote:Check out Jeremy Clarkson.....he looks about 21 :lol:
Nah - you check him out. You'll need a big trolley :lol:

He still sounds to be 21.
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Post by Deanxm »

if your patient there is a bit here on the Activa 2 and for those with good eyes there is an XM on show near the beggining too.

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Post by Xantia Colin »

Plus many many more (I like the comment about the london centric media at the end of this one.....)