Older vehicles 6K service intervals

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Older vehicles 6K service intervals

Post by spider »

I know there was a debate about the large service intervals, but this is partly aimed at those with older (diesel) vehicles.

Is it just me who likes to do the 6k oil +filter change even earlier ? , at about 4k to 5k or (assuming I have not done that mileage) every six months at the most ?

I also replace the fuel + air filters every third oil change. :) , although I think I did the air filter after 2 changes last time. Its due next month anyway.

Is only a few minutes work anyway.
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Post by CitroJim »

I do the same Andy, always have. Totally agreed.

After all, an oil and filter change is a very cheap and easy way of prolonging your engine's life.

It beats me how any oil can be OK at 20K or so. Makes no sense to me.

No need to go for super Carlos Fandango oil at those change frequencies either.

£35 at CostCo will buy 20L of Chevron 15W/40. It says it's diesel oil but fine in petrol engines too, having an SL rating.

buy filters in bulk and save some that way too...
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Post by spider »

When the 206 appeared, it was the first on the 20K or two years ( ! ) intervals for petrol engines , quite a lot of owners would come in at 10k / midway for a quick oil change.

I agree regarding oils too, although mega cheap oil is to be avoided, I know what you mean you can buy normal good quality stuff instead of £££

Regarding filters, the Peugeot dealers (they might still do) used to bulk (as in 10 or 12) sell to taxi people packs of N2 filters (I think its N3 for Citroens ?) relatively cheaply, although I am not sure if that applied to the later (T0 code) filters , for post 98 engines.
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Post by myglaren »

I used to change the oil+filter monthly in the Xantia, never exceeded 3,000 miles.

Do it at between 2,500 and 6,000 miles on the C5 (12,00 mile service interval)

So simple on a Xantia I would make a cup of tea before staring and it was ready to drink by the time I'd finished (and forgotten it and shut the bonnet on it :( )
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Post by JohnD »

I never let the C5 go more than 10000 (book says 20K) and that's with synthetic. The Xsara I do at 6K (12K in the book) and the other two get done every year which is usually less than 3000. I always reckon that 20000 interval is to keep the fleet managers happy.
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Post by Xaccers »

Cassy normally gets an oil change every 6K or sooner if it happens to be convenient, and running on veg the fuel filter gets changed at the same time.
Air filter gets changed if it looks dirty at the time of the oil change.
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Post by evilally »

The 405 gets an oil and filter change every 3k as it's running on veg.

I bulk buy Motaquip (made by Peugeot) filters and they work out about £2.30 for an oil filter and a little more for the air filter.

I use an after market Delphi filter housing which costs £1.80 for a genuine Delphi element whem purchased in bulk.

Air and fuel filter changed every 6k (although fuel filter is clean as a whistle, I do it anyway for piece of mind).

I picked up a large batch of Asda 15w/40 diesel oil, worked out at 50ppl (made by Halfords). I have enough for the next 40k :D

The whole service comes to under a tenner 8-)
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Post by 305 van man »

I always changed the oil and filters on the xud9 in the 305 van at the latest of 6k and usually cleaned air filter (foam one) and replace diesel filter approx 12k. on the xud11 lump in my vw camper i never exceed 6k always try and do at 4-5 due to it being worked a bit harder in the bigger vehicle and timing belts at about 12k just because there so simple to do and i had one snap once the extra work of replacement head etc much outweighed the £23 gates belt!
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Post by Citroenmad »

I do mine every 6K miles, which tends to be every 4-5 months. For our cars which do less mileage i do them every 6 months.

I always use geniune or good quality filters and the correct make and grade of oil in each car.

I dont understand long life servicing, oil doesnt last that long. It gets mixed with the fuel and carbon, losing its lubricating and cooling factors.

It costs virtually nothing to do an oil and filter change, but might save you money in the long run.

Im very keen on servicing, you can never service too often! :D
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Post by Deanxm »

i tend to agree too, with mainly short jouneys being done in the XM i change the oil every couple of k or 6 months whichever comes first with semi synth castrol @£15 a gallon, i do the transmission fluid at the same time and must confess ive gone over to Comma D2, not the best in the world but the way i see it is the box is now 18 years old, it cant go on forever so i would rather use the cheap oil and keep it crystal clear than break the bank with the total stuff.