Another scam

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Another scam

Post by XantiaDaveEire »

This may be of interest to the Irish folk more so but none the less another example of our goverment trying to bleed us dry for every last "cent" we have :evil:

And another way of forcing people to scrap there cars and buy new :x

Heres the link for anyone whos interested

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Post by myglaren »

Seems to be a serious lack of common sense inherent in those who would run our lives for us.

The terms Pissup and Brewery spring readily to mind. Like the management of the company I work for, they are just 'winging' it.
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Post by Xaccers »

Giving the role of tester to one company with only 46 test centres seems daft to me.
What's the logic behind that rather than the UK (and one would presume other nation's policies) system where we have independant and regulated MoT test centres?

As for the objection to testing once a year, or the clamp down on dodgy tyres, noisy exhausts, dark tinted windows, what's the problem with that?