My motor

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My motor

Post by Martyn718 »

Now I know its not exactly a classic but it is French so thought I would stick a pic up.

Taken the day I got home after collecting it,


Just a few scrathces and dents to straighten out :D
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Post by red_dwarfers »

Its nice to see a shiney Coupe as there is one that lives around here that is a bit scratch up, dented and doesn't sound too healthy.
One of these, "I want a flash looking car but I dont want to/have the money to fix it up properly" owners I think :lol:
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Post by XantiaDaveEire »

Lovely condition 8-)

How many miles on her ?
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Post by Martyn718 »

Currently at 90974 miles, which I believe is average for the age. When I collected it, it was around about 89700 I think.

I think I may have discovered a blow in the exhaust, but I could be hearing things :shock:
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Post by ACTIVE8 »

Nice condition!

A friend bought the four door version in black, as his first car!
tim leech
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Post by tim leech »

Was that at Peter Smith sports cars?
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Post by vince »

I still remember them when they first came out....the only ones i used to see were the yellow ones. They caused quite a stir at the time and still seem to be well styled and reliable :wink:
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Post by Citroenmad »

Looks very tidy 8-)

I had a look at one a few years ago, i was surprised to see its not a hatchback, even though it looks like one, as only the bootlid opens.