Driving off without paying

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Driving off without paying

Post by Xaccers »

For the past 3 weekends, I've been using one of work's sprinter vans, and topping up the fuel before I hand it back.
Last night was no different, other than the petrol station I used.
Just had a phone call from the head of distribution asking if I filled up with petrol.
Panicing, I think back, remember the slippery oil on the nozzle, having to put on a plastic glove and noting I was going to treat the van to so esso ultra (or whatever they call it) rather than bog standard derv.
So I said "I put about 20L of diesel in, I know it was diesel not petrol" thinking maybe there's something wrong with the van.
"Ok, great, we wanted to confirm that it was you, it's just you didn't pay and they called the police" he said.
OMG! :shock:
Again, I think back, remember I picked up some premixed screen wash, went in and paid, then poured the screen wash into the van.
"It's ok they said you came in and paid for something, they just didn't add your fuel"

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Post by jgra1 »

Jim knows about this sort of behaviour :D