Insurance, yet again.

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Insurance, yet again.

Post by OwenP »

As it is coming round to my insurance renewall I am looking for suggestions on who are doing good deals at the moment.

Currently I have prices ranging from £417 as a renewall quote (best so far) up to £1032. AA have just quoted me £700 ish.

Car is a 406 2.0HDi 90 Estate 51 plate, no mods.
I'm 26 been driving nearly 6 years, 6 years no claims. (one no claim accident though)
Car is kept on driveway and does at most 5k miles a years.

I really don't understand why the cost is quite so high at the moment so looking for suggestions please?
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Post by Paul-R »

I have heard that insurance companies charge more if you've been involved in a non-fault accident even if you've been exonerated and fully paid out.

Apparently their statistics show that you'll be more likely to be involved in another one.

No help to you of course...
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Post by OwenP »

Thing is though that accident has been declared the last two years as well.

Last years insurance was around £300, ok this was on the 405, but changing the insurance didn't cost another £120, and it certainly doesn't explain why most of the quotes are suddenly around the £600 mark.
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Post by Citroenmad »

That does seem a bit expensive, though insurance isnt cheap and seems to be getting more expensive lately.

Ive just paid £630 for my C5, im 23, driving 6 years, 4 years no cliams, no accidents or points. I thought that wasnt too bad though.

Im with sky insurance. and the like are the best place to start, its often hard to beat their prices and its much quicker than going through them all. Im just looking for insurance for the C1, thats looking quite costly to have me on the cover. £500 my parents and me. If the cover was in my name it would only be £400, odd :?