Accessory (Serpentine) Belt Life

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Accessory (Serpentine) Belt Life

Post by addo »

It only occurred to me recently, that my belt is about 80K old (say, 50K miles) - at least. XU10J4R motor, with aircon.

I'm wondering what belt life people have found in terms of realistic expectation. It doesn't look aged. Damper pulley was replaced when cambelt done last (2008).

Regards, Adam.
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Post by Clogzz »

My first one was replaced at 102,000 km along with the timing belt.
The second one after 6 years at 184,000 km, also with the timing belt.

I’ve heard stories of replacing them when they’re crackled about every inch on the grooved side.
That was on the Xantia, and on the C5 I’m watching the edges for fraying.