406 2.1D auxillary belt

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406 2.1D auxillary belt

Post by woodhead722 »

Just had aux belt replaced at garage, & within 25 miles after starting again in tight spot (needed PS), it's chucked the belt .

Garage now examining again but any ideas apart from tensioner adjustment slipped?


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Post by admiral51 »

Assuming the setup is the same as the Xantia then check the spring,an item that often gets overlooked.If this is weak it will allow the tensioner pulley to run out of true and quickly shred/pull the belt off.

Have a look Here

If you look down at the pulleys/alternator etc they should all be inline. A giveaway that the spring has gone is the tensioner pulley is out of true


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Post by woodhead722 »

Well, you've guessed it - it's off again TWICE in 2 days.

Garage put back on, referring to adjusted manually, did not just rely on auto adjustment? 'Won't come off now'

Next day, parked up. Started again later - no PS!.

Has not yet dropped of DURING driving, both times OK, parked up, started later & no P.Steering.

Back to garage for advice.

Thanks Admiral51 - I'll copy that for them.

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Post by CitroJim »

One other issue can be the belt itself. The 2.1TD can have two different lengths depending on which aircon compressor is fitted. They are sufficiently different that they're not interchangeable and if the longer one is used where the shorter one should be fitted, the eccentric tensioner has not got anywhere near the range to bring it to correct tension against the automatic tensioner.

It'll consequently remain loose and will fall off when stressed.

Best to get both alternatives from a factor, choose the correct one and return the unwanted one.

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Post by woodhead722 »

Thanks Jim.

The new belt was taken from the old ref numbers still visible. That had been on since August - not long really, but maybe somthing was wearing?

Rather than fanny about possibly wasting more money on new tensioners and maybe pulleys, I've transferred my insurance and declared it SORN on the 30th.

I MAY have had it sorted but as I had no confidence that next time would cure, I'm running my new 406 estate (well it's W reg!).

It's on the drive now waiting for a decision - spares, scrap or cure. Pity really it threw a wobbler just as I had bought the next one!