The horrors of cheap water pumps :)

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The horrors of cheap water pumps :)

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* sigh *

It's not done very well, possibly a year its been on and its actually making noises, the previous (genuine) I fitted one lasted about six years, I only changed that one as it started to show signs of weepage.

Trouble here is I had to 'fix' :oops: the seized tensioner plunger last time (which was a major job in itself) , so I may have to see if I can get one from the scrapyard during the week, (I made a holding tool for the plunger last time I still have it) , as when I pushed the tensioner in, the plunger stayed in the mounting. :D (um, lol I think is appropriate here)

Then a new water pump (again) , I'll go elsewhere I think , I only got a pattern one as there was not one in stock :( , (it is the earlier one without the 'protection' side on it to be fair)

The temporary fix (as it was Sunday when I fitted my parts) was to remove the plunger mounting, fit the holder and drill into it from the back (the 'block side')and fill it with penetrating oil and knock the plunger down then push it back in, doing this half a dozen times settled it. The holder prevented it coming out (yes I know they have some power behind them) although it only semi unseized it.

Now all I have to do is find time to get to the scrapyard and do some dismantling for the tensioner.

I noticed they tend to list about 3 or 4 types, I can assume post 92 is different only in it has a threaded hole for the belt cover probably as earlier engines have clip on covers. Clarification on what is different about them would be good if possible, although I think a late 205 or early 306 one will fit just fine.

I could bodge the tensioner again but I'd rather not. I got away with it with some prayers and careful drilling and it was a Sunday (!) so I will not risk my luck again. From memory they are about 130+ new.