High Idle speed V6 Espace

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High Idle speed V6 Espace

Post by rob » 26 May 2003, 01:00

Help I`ve got a problem with my 1993 V6 espace auto. The idle speed is way
too high about 1500 rpm, was fine until 3 days ago. I`ve checked eveything,
no burnt components in the ecu, idle control valve is clean (put it in my
ultasonic bath) and free to move,can`t find any air leaks. tps appears too
be ok. I`ve run out of ideas so any help would be appreciated. What`s the
failure mode of an idle control valve, I`ve removed it and ran the engine
and the valve is about halfway. I suppose I`ll have to have a diagnosis
done. I`m going to the south of France in 5 weeks and this is slightly
worrying, mind you its the most unreliable piece of junk I have ever owned
so it is hardly suprising.

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Post by steve455 » 10 Jun 2003, 20:03

Rob, the most likely is one of the inlet pipes has split, or come off..this would give this effect. Mines the same model/94 year...do you still have any of the rear passenger door handles working. These are complete rubbish, just plastic.

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Post by jkirkwood » 15 Apr 2004, 18:38

Had very similar problem with my old 2000TXI.
The connector on the back of the idle control valve wasn't seated <i>quite</i> home as the retaining spring was bent (just a bit), plus one of the connector inserts was a <i>little</i> loose.
Everything conspired together to make the idle either
a) jump about like nobody's business
b) stay high in the 1500-2000rpm range or
c) act perfently normally
All depending on the warmth in the engine compartment making the insulation on the cables to the connector softer and hence floppier.
At least that's my interpretation.
Waggling the connector at idle and blipping the throttle reproduced some parts of the problem and confirmed the problem was in the connection.
Sorted out the retaining spring and made sure that the connector was fully home and bingo.