Citroen Concept cars

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Citroen Concept cars

Post by Citroenmad »

Found a good website for Citroen concept cars easrlier. I do like concept cars, very interesting things, especially Citroens as they usually always build real life working examples instead of computer fakes or ones made from clay.

So i thought id share the link:

Unfortunately not any info on the cars and it wouldnt be in Engligh anyway, but facinating to see the pics.

I do like the 'Xanae', a Xsara/Picasso looking concept designed in the earlier 90s. It was based on the Activa chassis so had the ARCS system. It had the 2.0 16 135bhp petrol engine, wrap around rear seat, turning captain cheairs in the front and a non-symetrical body style with one door on the drivers side and two on the passenger, on a suicide door.

Excellent idea!


I actually have a road test of this in an old directions magazine.

More info on that:

The C-Air Lounge is another intersting car. Very lovely looking car/MPV thing.
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Post by joan33987 »

When you look at concept cars nowadays, it looks quite different from those concept cars from the 80s, 90s.
That car looks like it comes from the 90s then?

It looks cool, i like the glass roof which extends to the windscreen, plenty of sun