Rear Bumper Mount(s)

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Rear Bumper Mount(s)

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If you are contemplating removing your Xantia rear bumper.

Then please allow enough time to do it!

I have had to take the rear bumper off recently, and the worst part of the job was trying to undo the top mountings that can be seen through the hole at the back of the wheel arch liner.

This job can catch you out if you don't expect the fastners to be too badly seized, there are many other fasteners holding the bumper on, but these are the ones that are difficult to get at, and turn, so the fact that they seize, cause problems, and delays is something to bear in mind before attempting to do the job.

So be prepared for a long slow thread unwinding session with these particular mounts.

If you attend to these mounts first to see how bad they are seized, then you can sort them out, and then attempt the other mountings which should not be as difficult.

I had to resort to cutting the O/S mounting bracket to get it out, and was expecting the kerbside I.E. N/S to be more of a problem, but no it was the easier of the two.

Therefore you will need time, patience, freeing off fluid etc, and I wish I had dealt with these mounts prior to doing the main job, then when I did the main part of the job it would have been a lot easier.