1999 1.9td 406 Heater Matrix replacement

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1999 1.9td 406 Heater Matrix replacement

Post by Breedsey »

Looking for advice/ info on the above subject as mine has just poured all the coolant into the footwells via the heater vents!!!

I.E. is it do-able or not worth the hassle?
Any tips from anyone that's done it??

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Post by CitroJim »


I would imagine, having no direct, first-hand experience, that for 406 read Xantia in the heater matrix department.

I'd expect it to be a full dash-out job.

Sounds harsh and difficult but in reality, if anything like a Xantia, just a long and tedious job.

It might be too late if it is really leaking bad but a bottle of Forte Leak Stop is always worth a try to stave off the fateful day. It's pretty magical stuff!

A leakiy matrix is not a good reason to scrap a car!

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Post by Julz »

I've not done this on a 406, but if it's anything like when I did my Dad's Renault 5 many years ago we have to take almost the entire interior out to get to it, absolute pig of job.
Don't the heater matrices tend to be ally with plastic end caps that fall off (R5 was) so leak stop may not work, especially as you say poured all the coolant into the footwells

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Post by spider »

Jim's right, similar to Xantia job.

I've never actually had to do one, but as he says its not 'that' difficult, more a long long job with an excess of dismantling (and remembering where each screw / bolt goes etc)

I can't remember the book time for it but 9 hours (aka: more than one days work time in a workshop) springs to mind , although that could be for a 306...

But its no 'really' difficult its just a long job. Not sure if column has to come out for this on a 406, I'd say probably not as you only need access to the heater box.

If its any help, I'm told its easier than a 405 one mostly.

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Post by Breedsey »

Thanks for the replies guys, i've got the old one out, it's actually not too bad a job, it'd be a proper pain on a left hand drive model, you'd have to take the steering column out!!!

On a right hand drive you take the glove box out, then you're meant to take the complete dash out but, it's only a small corner that obstructs the removal of the matrix so i just trimmed above an inch off of the dash where it was in the way, it wont notice once the glove box is back in situ.
Then you just undo 1 bolt that holds the pipes in and 2 bolts that holds the matrix in then simply slid it out.

I've just gotta get a new one and refitit now, i reckon i could do it in an hour or so tops next time.

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Post by citronut »

Andy wrote
"If its any help, I'm told its easier than a 405 one mostly."

i always thought the 405 was much like the BX, which is very easy and is no more that about a moornings work

regards malcolm