Forum Webhost Failure 10 December 2009

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Forum Webhost Failure 10 December 2009

Post by CitroJim » 11 Dec 2009, 21:29

Following a very successful migration of the forum its new home on Tuesday morning, the new server that I had carefully tested and configured months before the carefully planned migration failed on Wednesday.

After many calls to the host (Webfusion) they admitted that our webhost server was down to be migrated to a new datacentre in Germany and for technical reasons, this move was aborted.

The server came back up but failed again on Thursday. Repeated calls to the host got the same response that migration (which I'd had no prior warning about) was in progress and that service would be resumed early this morning. 9 came and went and a call to the host informed me that there were some difficulties but all would be back up by 4.

4 came and went. Another call to the host explained that during the migration a number of servers had been "lost" including ours. Not only was our server lost but all of our data as well :evil: :cry:

This means that we have lost two days of posts. Luckily only two days due to good backups but typically because I foolishly trusted the new server for a couple of days, one critical backup was not taken.

I deeply apologise for this :oops:

The forum is now back up running on the old server on a temporary basis whilst I await Webfusion to provide me with a band-new clean, unconfigured server. They cannot do this until Monday.

They have promised three months free hosting and a higher-spec server as compensation for the problems they have caused.

So, whilst I configure yet another new server and test it, the forums will remain here on what are two sick servers that may fall over at any time.

I will be doing frequent backups during the time.

More news will be posted here as it happens.

All of this was sheer bad luck and very poor timing/co-incidence.
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Post by davetherave » 11 Dec 2009, 21:41

Cheers for the update Jim, and big thanks for all the work you have done and stress it must of caused!
We all appreciate it!

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Post by Deanxm » 11 Dec 2009, 21:45

We sure do! :wink:


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Post by Sl4yer » 11 Dec 2009, 21:52

Good to see it back Jim! :D

Was worried for a while...


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Post by lexi » 11 Dec 2009, 21:52

Cheers Jim. I thought you would be behind the scenes like the Wizard of Oz :D Well done mate and take it easy...or go for a blast in the V6 8)

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Post by KP » 11 Dec 2009, 21:58

Good work Jim, glad you are still taking backups but really the ost should be having staged backups and they have caused enough problems that i'd be kicking them for 6months subs, upgraded kit and after 6months the upgraded kit at the old price :D

On a different note some old machines(servers) are being decommed at work soon, they are likely dell ones but i will keep one to one side with all the scsi drives possible(9.6 or 18.2gig) so you have a decent fall back server should we ever need one again and provide you a nice setup to store the backups on :)

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Post by DickieG » 11 Dec 2009, 22:24

Good work Jim, top man for the job =D> =D>

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Post by Paul-R » 11 Dec 2009, 22:32


Much appreciated all that you do and have done, it seems like you've been subject to a most monstrously appalling coincidence but I know you've done your best.

Stay calm...

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Post by addo » 11 Dec 2009, 22:43

I may have to join Ciaran's forum! It seems to be one of the sources for info when FCF is out of commission.

What makes me think the owner of WebdisFunction owns a BMW? :roll:

(Or is Web"con"Fusion?)

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Post by CitroJim » 11 Dec 2009, 22:52

Thanks all :D That's really lightened my mood :D :D :D

It's web(Grrrrrrrrr)fusion at the moment Adam :twisted: And they will be receiving some quite quite stiff and frank communication from me when the dust finally settles. Indeed KP, where are their backups? We employ two staff in our datacentre whose main job is looking after backups....

Adam, it's good to see you here. I know now that the DNS changes I made a while ago to bring this server on-line have reached down-under already! Who say DNS changes takes 24 to 48 hours to propagate around the globe! :lol:

Yes, we have a reciprocal arrangement with Ciaran's forum. When his goes down, members come here for news and when this one goes down...

His is a top forum :D Grown like topsy in a very short while from a blank sheet. Only problem is, every visit makes you want an XM :twisted:

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Post by myglaren » 11 Dec 2009, 22:59

Nice going Jim, time to take a breather now?

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Post by CitroJim » 11 Dec 2009, 23:04

Not likely Steve,

I have a V6 to break and a new cambelt to go on Robyn's 206 but that will be blessed therapy and relaxation after a very heavy week of IT :lol:

I've been on a very heavy training course four days this week learning how to administer HP Open View Operations Manager, a system for monitoring the health of datacentres.

Ironic isn't it :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Post by myglaren » 11 Dec 2009, 23:08

Just typical :twisted:

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Post by VertVega » 11 Dec 2009, 23:42

It was very long hours without the forum and a great relief to reach the forum again Image

Thank you CitroJim and the support team, for all the hard work! Image

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Post by vince » 12 Dec 2009, 10:48

Im a bit like B.A.from the A team on this one.....for the last few days i have been literally walking in and falling asleep on the couch until morning due to heavier commitments at i havent felt much of a loss with the forum down.

All this computer stuff amazes me..its like a different world...If i was in charge of a forum that went down, i would have to get in the car turn the key and keep driving :lol:

Good work Houston.... 8)