Silly Mishap - and a close call!

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Silly Mishap - and a close call!

Post by addo »

Wrestling with the Xantia's towbar yesterday, I managed to suddenly release grip with my left hand whilst pulling part of the assembly strongly towards me. Bear in mind I'm a tradesman, not an office bod, so brute strength is pretty well up there.

Result? I punched myself fairly in the nose/mouth. It's rather sore and swollen today. :roll:
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Post by vince »

Nice one Addo :D ...As they say you learn from you dont do that again :wink:

Ive done loads of daft things like that before....

One of the best was a mate of mine who was wrestling with something in his hand and flatblade screwdriver. As he was wrestling with it he said to me, i can see this screwdriver slipping and stabbing me in the hand....Needless to say, within seconds he had a screwdriver literally sticking out of his hand :lol: Even he laughed...after shouting in pain of course :)

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Post by OwenP »

Look on the bright side at least it was only your hand, and not the whole towbar...

A mate of mine did something similar, only he was trying to unplug the wires from a 405 fan relay that we were rewiring, unfortunately this time when the plug got stuck the fan was running.

His hand then did a good impression of a chunk of wood in a belt sander when he lost his grip. We reckon he had taken the nerve endings off so couldn't feel anything.
Only problem was neither of us could stop laughing, to the point that my then girlfriend came out to see if we were both ok and couldn't quite believe we had been that stupid.

His work mates forced him to go to hospital a few days later, where they asked him how he burnt himself, and wouldn't believe him when he told them what had happened.

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Post by citronut »

Vince wrote
"wrestling with something in his hand and flatblade screwdriver."

sounds like something kinky,

well im sure you all know of my antics with Criss Salters DS at the D/SM ralley back in June,

if you dont just look up whatch your fingers on here and on the CCC forum,

regards malcolm

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Post by addo »

Today was a marathon road trip with a Fuego-driving mate - we did about 1200km.

Anyway, on my property (where we were stashing some used building materials) I thought "Wonder if I can find a snake nearby?" :roll:

It took all of twenty seconds to find a rather nervous Eastern Brown Snake. I called my mate over so he could have a better look. What does he then do? He hoys a plank into the ground near its tail, then wonders why the snake takes off towards him! :shock:

So, the Xantia nearly saw extra duty as an ambulance...