Help Pay Back Time for a Criminal!!

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Help Pay Back Time for a Criminal!!

Post by DHallworth »

Help Pay Back Time for a Criminal!!

An Austrian and a Canadian allegedly have a nice little earner in "Investing" other peoples money and then they manage to loose it all.

They have done this on a number of occasions and on one particular occasion to an 85 year old widow and on a later date to another lady who is seriously ill as a result.

A friend of theres has set up a website to name and shame them and needs it driven to the top of the google charts by recording as many hits as possible.

Please help by visiting the site below as many times as possible and pass it to as many people as possible also.



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Post by Ross_K »

I find this kind of "naming and shaming" thing distasteful.

If these guys are alleged (as you say yourself) to have committed some type of fraudulent activity, the place for that to be dealt with is in a court of law - not the court of the internet.

This forum is no place for this type of potentially libellous nonsense IMO... :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Post by addo »

Imagine if they'd been breaking Activas to re-power flogged out 205s...