Anybody know much about Peugoet diesels?

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Anybody know much about Peugoet diesels?

Post by siraff »

1st post and I'm in need already.

Right then the story goes...
My mate has a partner combi with a 1.9d (non turbo) in it.
The other day the auxilary belt snapped and part of it wrapped around the diesel pump. This slipped the timing and killed the motor.

Now I've got another motor for him (DW8) but it was out of an earlier car (1999 instead of 2002).
The scrap yard guy was 100% sure they're the same but I've found a lot of minor differences.
Now because it came as a bare engine and to make sure there weren't differrences in injectors, etc I swapped everything over - sump (because the A/C one has lugs for the pump), injectors, pump - everything apart from the block, head and internals.
Now its starting first time but its missing on tickover or light throttle. Its also got an ecu light on and no rev counter which is making me think its crank sensor.
I used the one from the original engine in the block of the new engine.
I've tried plugging the sensor that came with the engine in (reads from the flywheel where the old one goes into the block) but its making no difference.
Its also making no difference if I just leave the crank sensor wire off.
Could it be the flywheel is different?
Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
Sorry for the essay guys - i'm struggling on this one.

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Post by Lawrence1973 »

I'm no expert but I'll have a stab.

What injection system is it running on? Lucas/Bosch?

Did you say that the engine that died was 2002 and was non turbo? didn't know they still made a non turbo that late.

Reason for asking the above - There is the needle lift sensor on the Bosch system....that can cause problems.
You're absolutely right about the rev counter/crank sensor and that is ECU connected I think.

Were you happy with all the wiring going back together? particularly if it's a Bosch pump.

Did new fire washers go in when you swapped injectors?

Interested to know more about the turbo- non turbo compatibility

Hope this is some help