Stuck brake disc?

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Stuck brake disc?

Post by reblack68 »

I recently changed the front discs on the C5. The N/S one, as they often do, took a bit of a clout to free it from the hub- but it came off OK.

The O/S one was a different matter. After hitting it to the point where bits started to break off it still wasn't shifting at all. Keeping it wasn't an option as it was now buckled. What could I do?

Once I'd calmed down a bit and thought about it the answer was astonishingly simple. I screwed the pad carrier bolts in so they pushed the disc off. A few clouts, release, turn the disc a bit and repeat and the disc was off. Wish I'd thought of it sooner.

This was the C5 but I imagine the trick would work on any car.

I also managed to wind the piston off the end of the thread (I was very tired by this time. Game over? Not quite. It wouldn't go back on so I popped the piston out for a look. No reason why it shouldn't go back on- it was just a bit difficult to push it in against the fluid. With the calliper empty and the bleed nipple open it went back easily.

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Post by HDI »

Thats the standard trick for pushing a stuck brake disc off. First time I had the problem was on a Merc 300E , my usual technique of using a deadblow hammer had no effect , few moments thought had me using a caliper retaining bolt from the back of the disc. Tighten a bit in one place , rotate the disc 90 degrees then tighten again and the disc was off in a minute or so with no medievalness !!