engine degreaser

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engine degreaser

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Hi ,
I have found " Mr . Muscle " , oven cleaner , wonderful for cleaning the engine bay .
The foam is very clean product, with little mess .
Makesure you wear goggles though ! !
Terry .

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Post by Paul-R »

I would take a look at the ingredients if I were you. If there's any Sodium Hydroxide, Caustic Soda or NaOH mentioned then be very careful with any aluminium or alloy it touches. This is great for dissolving fats and greases - and also aluminium!

Aluminium is an interesting metal as it will react with both acids and alkalis. It dissolves in caustic soda to form sodium aluminate and gives off (flammable) hydrogen.

For the same reason you shouldn't put aluminium pots and pans into a dishwasher. Dishwasher tablets are very caustic (to remove the grease) and the heat which is necessary to speed up the cleaning also speeds up the rate at which the pan disappears!