Another Citroën Roadtrip

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Another Citroën Roadtrip

Post by addo »

:twisted: I've just been on a Xantia-powered ramble around southern New South Wales and parts of Victoria.

A hair over 1600 miles, with odometer correction. Saturday I drove for 22 hours (gross) with about 2¾ hours of assorted interludes. It was pretty tiring towards the end! Weather varied from fine and frosty (the start) to horribly wet and obscure (small hours). I had the rear come unstuck once - at 60MPH in pouring rain, on a dark sweeper when I dipped my headlamps for an oncoming car and lost sight of my line - and it only went about six inches before gently finding grip again. Were I in the Mi16, you would probably be eulogising me; it's why I sing the Xantia estate's praises for predictable handling even at the limit.

Car performed without missing a beat. It doesn't change in handling or NVH up to about 130km/h actual (my speedometer overreads 10%, verified). Above that, you need to pay attention more. I can say that it will hold a genuine 100MPH with a full load, over moderately undulating roads for so long as you please - just that it takes a while to get there!

En route, I also stopped at the shed to check on my ID19, having some of the spare rims stripped of ancient tyres and noting a slow radiator leak. Its mileage is sitting at 7085, apparently first time "around the clock". Needs a wash, but I didn't have the time - at least it's dry and secure.

In more fun news, I am now (in the words of a good friend) "landed gentry" - having bought 2½ acres of nothing, in the middle of nowhere. It'll be good for something. :wink: Even if only to justify future roadtrips for checking up on it!

Cheers, Adam.

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Post by jgra1 »

good stuff Addo, I did 1000 miles 2 weeks ago, generally effortless.. mind i did 500 last week in the coupe, and that was much nicer :)

I wish land was easy to come by here...

I have my eye on an old small wooden barn that is falling down, I think it will hold my fleet.. just working up the courage to knock on the farmers door and offer money ..