VSX electrical issues

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VSX electrical issues

Post by ohms »

Hi all,

Having a few electrical woes with a 96 VSX TD xantia.

First off, the intermitent front wiper setting doesn't work, only constant settings seem to work, not sure why.

Air bag light keeps flashing on the dashboard whilst driving, most annying, not sure how I can stop this any ideas?

Plip remotes don't seem to work, new batteries installed, and red lights working a trat but the receiver doesn't seem to be responding. All fuses seem to be OK.

Thanks chaps :D

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Post by vince »

Hi Ohms,

Is it a car you just bought? reason i when i bought mine the plip remote i got with the car wasnt the right one so wasnt "tuned" in to the car. There is a method of doing this but i cant remember how at the moment.....

Intermittant wipe not working...column stalk?