Xantia 1.9TD Aux Drive Belt

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Xantia 1.9TD Aux Drive Belt

Post by Keith J »

Hi, my aux drive belt snapped last night on my 1996 Xantia.

Trouble is I will have to work with my backside out in a busy road if I have to remove the wheel and wheel arch liner as Mr Haynes says.

Is it possible to slacken the alernator bolts and put on the new belt, then retension with the alternator rather that have all the wheel arch liner out?

This is just a measure to get me the 7 miles home where I can work on my drive in safety.

Also does anyone know if Halfrauds sell this belt and what the likely cost is?



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Post by DickieG »

AFAIK the alternator sits in a fixed position so you're pretty much obliged to do it the Haynes way.

Can you not re-position the car to more suitable location nearby?

The belt should be freely available from any decent car parts supplier.

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Post by Keith J »

Thanks. Re positioning is not much of an option.

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Post by citroenxm »


Hang on, is this a BASIC car, with NO Air con and MANUAL tensioner???

If so then YES YOU Can use the altinator!!!

Slaken the 26mm bolt through the bottom of the altinator, and REMOVE the top 13mm nut..

Swing the altinator FORWARDS towards the radiator and you MAY JUST get the new belt over the pullys, swing the altinator back in fix the 13mm nut in place and tighten the 26mm nut...

HOWEVER, if your old belt has snapped it could indicate a Highly adjusted tensioner, in which case it could be too tight on the new belt...

Give it a go.. Ive done it a couple of times.. it ONLY works on Base cars with JUST the HP pump and Alitnator.. Wont work with Air Con cars...


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Post by Keith J »

Thanks for the advice. Job done now as per the Haynes manual.

The tensioner was fairly tight but the snapped belt was past its prime long ago.

It is a manual tensioner (no aircon), the Allen bolt at the very bottom that pulls the tensioner down is completely useless now so I have had to remove it. The main two Allen bolts for adjusting the tensioner are all that is holding it.

I will try to address the bolt issue asap but it seems fine as it is TBH. I got enough tension by levering the whole assembly down with a socket extension bar and doing up the adjuster bolts. The adjustment seems fine according to the Haynes spec. 5mm play at the centre of the belt.

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Post by Old-Guy »


Been there!

The reason why the tensioner won't work is that you've been sold the wrong belt! :roll: :roll: :roll:

The correct belt is

Gates: 6PK1130 (68800) Not 1030 as listed in some catalogues.

I had this problem about 18 months (10,000 miles) ago. As you found, the shorter belt will go on if the adjuster bolt is removed. I struggled for about an hour before deciding to check in various catalogues. Two different lengths listed for non-air-con/pre-96 - I'd been sent the shorter one that doesn't fit any Xantia 1.9TD as far as I know.

Suggest you take it off and take it back.

Replacement belt was a doddle to fit. While you're at it, check the state of the tensioner bearing; if it's starting to throw even the slightest trace of grease, it's on its way out - I ignored this on mine as there wasn't the slightest play in the bearing - now the tensioner is starting to get noisy.


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Post by Keith J »

Thanks Old Guy.

I got the belt from Halfords and believe that I have the correct one. I did double check after the bloke on the accessories desk looked it up on his computer then tried to give me the wrong one.

The phrase "Xantia, err that's a Citroen isn't it"? Didn't instill much confidence, hence rechecking on their customer list.

The reason that the lowest adjuster bolt is useless is that it has been so bent by a previous owner that the Allen head has rounded off where I tried to turn it.

I did check the tensioner at the time and it seemed clean and smooth running.

Thanks everyone for the help. It's great to have places to come like this for advice.