Xantia with nice boots

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Xantia with nice boots

Post by TigerTim »


My 1997 2.1TD SX in charcoal grey metallic, now wearing 17" TSW Catalunya`s with 225/45x17 tyres 8)
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Post by Xaccers »

They don't look too bad, and practical too, must be very easy to bleed the brakes!
What effect have they had on the ride quality though?
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Post by TigerTim »

The ride has never been great, so I will be getting a full set of spheres sorted soon, not sure when / if they were last done, hydraflush is in there now in readyness for the work. The ride doesn't feel much different.
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Post by Citroenmad »

Very nice looking Xantia, i like the colour 8) Not so sure on the wheels mind, but different, you dont see many xantias wearing non citroen wheels.
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Post by CitroJim »

And a 2.1TD as well,

Just the job :D I'm not generally a fan of after-market wheels but those look good.

Xac, always the practical one with your brake bleeding comment!!!!
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Post by ACTIVE8 »

superloopy1 wrote:Those wheels look like they need a 'chevron' centre to them :wink:

Otherwise ... aok.
Well at least aftermarket rims allow you to do that, unlike the factory fit rims with no centre cap!

Also they do look good!