Citroen C1 you opinions please

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Citroen C1 you opinions please

Post by Nuneatonrob »

The other half has decided that the 306 is no longer suitable, and has decided that it might be nice to have a new car, and has decided that a C1 VTR 09 model would be a suitable alternative.

I know the car is basically a Toytota Aygo under the cute front end, but I would be interested to hear what you opinions are.

The one we are getting or planning on getting is a 1.0 petrol 3 door VTR in black. Decided the diesel, although it would be my prefered choice being a Citroen HDi unit, is to expensive, and the extra cost would not be recouped over the time we will own it for, as we will change it for a new one in 3 years time.

I personally would like a C2, but it's not got such a good offer and the monthly payments are quite a bit higher.

Your thoughts please?



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Post by Xaccers »

"Hairdryer" was my first impression when driving my ex's mother's one.
I'm 5'10 and it was crampt.
Definitely do a proper test drive in one.

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Post by Sl4yer »

My GF's father has the Toyota one. It's small and cute of course, but noisy. You wouldn't want to go a long way in it.

If you only drive it around town, it will be fine. And VERY economical, not to mention the road tax!


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Re: Citroen C1 you opinions please

Post by jonathan_dyane »

Nuneatonrob wrote:The other half has decided that the 306 is no longer suitable, and has decided that it might be nice to have a new car, and has decided that a C1 VTR 09 model would be a suitable alternative.
Your thoughts please?
Work on your diplomacy :wink: The 306 is a far better car in every respect bar fuel economy, try and avoid if possible...

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Post by citroenxm »

I have one of these for sale at the moment on the bay! ... :IT&ih=010

NOT a VTR though... :-(


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Re: Citroen C1 you opinions please

Post by Tourist »

Nuneatonrob wrote:I personally would like a C2, but it's not got such a good offer and the monthly payments are quite a bit higher.
My advice would be not to buy a car on finance, infact don't buy a car if you can't afford it. I would suggest you get something used, in good condition instead.

I'm not sure why the 306 is unsuitable, it's more practical than a C1. Get something like an Xsara, or a similar used car.

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Post by Citroenmad »

I always wanted to like the C1/107/Aygo range...

When our Scenic went in for recall work to the dealer, it was a joint Peugeot dealer too. So i asked if there was a 107 available as the loan car for the few days while they had my mums Scenic.

There was, it was an Urban with AC and a few other bits added. All was good, until i drove off. The exhaust note is so clear and loud all of the time it really is annoying - i even stopped to look if it had an exhaust! The engine felt very slow and not as nippy as i had thought the press had been going on about. The fual gauge is stupid ... I set off for a 70 mile journey, with 2 'dots' on the fual gauge, just leaving town the second dot went and the first was flashing to tell me i needed fuel, a silly idea, as i had though 2 dots would have been quite a lot of fuel! Thinking all dots would go and then the fuel light appear.

On my trip it was pouring down, i could not hear anything for rain and road noise, the radio is not good enough to drown out the noise. Ok it did only have 1000 miles on so it should have more run in time but pick up at motorway speeds was really awful, just no go in it at all. It was quite economical, but really, id not mind putting a bit more fuel in a car which is more of a car and less of a toy.

So no, i dont like it, even though i wanted to.

I was in an Aygo recently too, it felt slightly nipper than the 107 i drove, but it was so noisey and at 30K the clutch was starting to slip :?

By comparrison we have a 2003 1.0S Seat Arosa, which has less power than the C1 at just 50BHP and weighs a bit more too. However it feels much nippier, is slightly worse on fuel but it drives like a big car, very refined and comfortable, solidly built and much more of a car than a toy car.

It misses any neat touches that the Seat has, for example: when you let people in the back the front seats go back to the most far forward and upright position every time! So the driver and passeneger has to reset their seat adjustment all the time.

I know the C1 is a cheap little car, but why not buy a demo version or a 6 month old C2/3, they will be far nicer to live with in my opinion.

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Post by stuartadair »

We've had a C1 Rhythm for a year now. Its covered just under 8K.
This is all about expectations. Dont expect to be able to storm up the motorway at 90 in it. Having said that it will do 70 quite happily (I drove 150 miles today in it on the motorway) Consumption is around the 70 mark - It does so well we've never bothered to measure it. Its a town car and drives like a tron light cycle around corners. Nothing has fallen off and I'd have another one without hesitation.

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Post by steelcityuk »

A colleague at work is on his second Peugeot. General opinion is that it's fantastic for what it is. Seems well built, a cheap to build car as opposed to a cheap built car? Sounds great - to me just like a 911. It accelerates faster than average hatchs and sips fuel. Very reliable and no out of general servicing faults.

He is only on his second one because he was offered such a good deal that it would have been silly not to take it. He had no problems on the trade in price. I think it cost him somewhere in the region of another £7 per month to go for a new one of the next model up.

I'm hoping the wife will be able to afford one as her next car.