Sealing an Estate Tailgate Membrane

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Sealing an Estate Tailgate Membrane

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A frequent cause of leaks into the boot on a Xantia Estate is failure of the mastic holding the inner polythene membrane to the tailgate. The seal fails and allows water to run stright into the boot and in the process soaks the tailgate trim.

The cure is to remove the membrane completely, clean all the old mastic off and apply new mastic. The stuff you need is the type of mastic that comes on a roll and not in a tube; the latter is messy, too runny and does not have the adhesion to hold the membrane in place for any length of time.

I used a roll of Mastic Sealing Strip intended for use with caravans and made by a company called W4 who are famous and well-known to any who play with tourers. Their 5m roll of 19mm wide mastic is perfect for the job and sticks like the old proverbial. It should be available from any decent caravan accessory shop but sadly not in any of the big DIY chains.

See it on theirwebsite under Other Products, Sealants, Mastic Sealing Strip.

This stuff sticks like superglue :lol: