C5 2.2Hdi tick-over issue

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C5 2.2Hdi tick-over issue

Post by paulkirkin »

I have a 16 month old C5 Hdi auto estate which I have owned for about 4 months. In that time it has been back to two different dealers and Citroen UK to try and remedy the following problems, all sadly without success.
1) Engine misfires on tick-over when hot, particularly noticable in town traffic. Citroen engineers say this is normal, I say I have owned 1 X Visa, 2 X Bx and 1 X Xantia diesels and never experienced poor running like this before. EGR has been mentioned as playing a part in this, but I have read today that EGR should not operate at idle. I would be really interested in disconnecting the EGR system temporarily to see what effect this has. Anyone any idea how I do this?
2) Poor mpg, perhaps this is related to the above. Official figures state 29 urban/51 extra urban/39 combined. with mixed driving and a light right foot I have a low of 24mpg and high of 39 mpg. Even on a long run all on A roads and m/way it has not gone above 39. I'm not impressed with this, anyone else got any figures to compare?
3) and Finally, the auto box is unrefined. The change quality is unpredictable and 60% of the time pretty poor. Strangely, changing down is what it does best, but there is a pronounced kick when it changes to first when you stop. If you change manually it works very smoothly, can't see why this is, all the same stuff is happening in the transmission!

Sorry to ramble on, I'm so dissapointed with these issues when the rest of the car is so good, I am very close to taking a huge loss and trading it in for a Passat!
Look forward to hearing from any other C5 owners with similar experience Cheers PK.

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Post by pie eater »


I have a 2.2 HDi. Mine runs fine (at present) and has never misfired, and ticks over smoothly.
Fuel consumption - I agree, poor. According to the computer, I have never averaged over 39 mpg with a mixture of (congested) town and motorway commute, a lot less when towing the caravan (as you would expect). But, smooth and fast. (I know what you're thinking - Not as smooth or fast as a Passat TDi, but very cheap secondhand)
Manual box, so can't comment on the automatic.
Is it still under warranty? Pester the main stealer!

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Post by Timaru »

I have a 2003 2.2 auto exclusive estate with the SE pack (extra weight) initially I was disappointed with the mpg, in fairness I leave the climate control on auto and the car is always fairly well loaded but even so the 31.4 mpg shown on the computer (hardly varies) was less than I expected.

After the first 10,000 miles or so I started to calculate litres bought into miles done since last fill up and guess what? I have a pessimistic computer, the true figure which stays pretty constant is 34.

The engine is smooth and quite and well matched to the ZF auto box which only "jerks" if I hit the throttle as it is about to change. As yours is still under warranty I would sit on the dealers forecourt until it drives to your satisfaction!

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Re: C5 2.2Hdi tick-over issue

Post by wheeler »

paulkirkin wrote:I have read today that EGR should not operate at idle.
The EGR on this diesel engine SHOULD work at idle.

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Post by paulkirkin »

Can you expand on that a little. If the EGR is supposed to work at idle can it effect the smooth running of the engine. Or is this problem completely unrelated to EGR.

Cheers PK