205 XLD just gone bang....any help???

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205 XLD just gone bang....any help???

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Hi all, found this forum as I'm looking for some advice. Got a G reg 205 XLD with 160k on it.Apart from a coolant leak it's been no problems at all. Going down the road today at 35mph when there's a big judder from the front end, the gearshift jumps out of gear and the car dies completely. I came to a halt, tried turning it over ( full power, lights, instruments etc), it would turn over so far without starting then just stick. Try it again, it would try turning over(and not really liking it),then just stop trying to start. Checked underneath and no pools of oil, it was dark and no oil that I could see around the engine.At one point there was a bit of a 'mechanical' sounding graunch from the engine area, but nothing really horrendous.Got a mate to tow me home and he was a bit stumped as well......any ideas of what could be the possible cause(s)

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Have a peep behind the cambelt cover on the left side end of the engine and see if the belt is still tight.