knocking noise

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knocking noise

Post by caveman_si »

My car Pug 405 glx td has had a knocking noise coming from the front passenger side area for a while and before i take it to the garage i'd like a few pointers.

Its worse over rough surfaces, a few people have said it sounds like a worn bush/ drop link. So ive started with the easy to change items and put on a new drop link and that has made it slightly worse. As such the general concensous is that the lower arm bush is gone and needs replacing. Any more ideas before i take it to the garage as i dont have the time space or tools to do it if it is.
Also any idea on a reason price for the job, as there is only 1 garage i can use with out missing work, which id rather not do unless its was excessively priced.

cheers guys

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Post by PowerLee »

A new arm is about £60 & then about an hour to fit it.

A new bush is around £3 but the arm still has to come off & then theres the hassel of removing the old bush & pressing the new one in & then the arm has to be re fitted again.

Is far easier & cheaper in the long run to replace the arm then mess around with bushes.

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Post by stevieb »

Most likely the wishbone bush, but also worth checking the balljoint.

Chances are if one has gone, the other won't be far behind.