Poss exhaust problem peu 306 td

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Poss exhaust problem peu 306 td

Unread post by simon »

My 1999 306td makes a slight konck when starting up or switching off particularly when hot.The noise seems to be consistant with engine movement.I have tried moving the exhaust by hand when the engine is off to see if i can hear the noise but no joy.Has anyone had any similar experience?Could it be the air con compressor?

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Hi Simon,
My ZX does the same (after a recent part change using none original equipment). I stopped it for a while by loosening and twisting the bracket before the rear silencer. The exhaust deos not seat correctly as I have mentioned before on the Citroen board. Can you get a friend to start and stop the car and listen along the side of the car. That should help you identify if it is the exhaust. I am not sure how your car is laid out but could be similar if brackets are the same. It is very annoying but not quite so much when you know what it is.

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Hi Simon,
Had same problem on my 98 306td. Eventually identified noise as comming from exhaust. As you say it seems engine movement could be responsible. I took my car to mechanic pal we put it on ramps but could not find problem at first. Back on the road, over a few days noise got worse - definitely exhaust - upshot was new downpipe + cat converter. Kwikfit quoted me £275, mechanic pal got part for £145 + £10 for fitting. We checked engine mounts, all intact but one a bit soft. Mechanic said there is minimal clearance for exhaust on 306td. Mine sheared where it was vibrating against front chassis cross- member. When we repaired exhaust it vibrated loose at clamp near cat convereter. Bit of fiddling and adjusting, then tightened clamp and all ok so far (2 weeks). Hope this helps.

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Unread post by solara »

I had a similar noise on my 306 which was caused by a pipe fixing which had snapped off from the bulkhead wall, hence the knock. A simple tie-wrap fixed the problem. I think the guilty pipe was coolant to the heater matrix (somewhere behind the battery area).