1996 106 1.5 diesel - radiator doesn't heat up

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1996 106 1.5 diesel - radiator doesn't heat up

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Hi -I have a 1996 /N 106 1.5 diesel with 118,000 miles. Had it for two years and changed the coolant when I got it and changed the thermostat at the same time.

Radiator recently was looking past its best and never really heated up, still had cold parts even after long drives.

So bought a new radiator and have just fitted it along with a change of coolant.

But I can still drive 30 miles to work, first 25 miles at 60mph and the last fifteen minutes stop/start in heavy traffic.......... and the rad is still completely cold at the end of it.

The car seems to drive perfectly and no hint of overheating and no red lights. (no temp gauge though on this model).

Can it be the themostat is stuck closed? Could I have put in the wrong one thermostat with too high a temp setting?

It is obviously winter at the moment with snow etc so the incoming air is very cold but surely the water should go round the radiator?

It has been like this for ages, and I thought it might have been a clogged radiator.

Any advice appreciated..



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There is almost certainly no problem here. The TUD5 diesel is so efficient that the heat release hardly opens the thermostat at this time of the year. The heater matrix is in circuit all the time (no valve, just air flaps) and the heater will keep the engine cool.

You should find that with normal driving in Winter, the heater is hot after a few miles, the top radiator hose just warm and the radiator + bottom hose is cold.


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This is very true. The 106 1.4D I had the misfortune to drive for a while could actually keep the engine cold with the heater. The rad for these is massively over-specified, as I believe it's similar on all models, and has to be able to cool a 1.6 petrol engine.