Citroen ZX Driveshafts.

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Citroen ZX Driveshafts.

Post by alanshep »

Hello. I've got a ZX 1.9D that I'm using for spares. I'ts presently on axle stands with both driveshafts removed.

Does anybody know if it's OK to lower it back to the ground without the driveshafts fitted - will it damage the front wheel bearings?


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Post by fastandfurryous »

It will *probably* be ok. The driveshaft end does hold the bearing together, but the chances of it coming apart just from being on it's wheels is very remote.

What you must not do is roll the vehicle around with no driveshafts fitted.

If you really do need to move the vehicle with no driveshafts fitted, then the best thing to do is get a couple of scrap shafts and cut the ends off, and just fit them to the hubs. I have a set of these which will allow me to move most PSA vehicles (as the driveshaft ends are common to many different vehicles.)

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Post by jeremy »

Thanks FF - you've said exactly what I typed and then deleted as I have never dismantled a ZX hub and wasn't 100% sure.

I think you'll find you don't need to cut the shaft - just pull the CV joint apart or hit the joint and the whole thing will come off the shaft (there's probbaly a spring circlip sitting in a groove in the splines of the shaft and the joint will just come off one its gone over the circlip.

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Post by alanshep »

Thanks for the replies.

I'm not planning to move it. I just wanted to drop it to the ground to make it a bit less of an eyesore.

I only use it for spares (although I have ambition to get it roadworthy one day) so it won't be the end of the world if it does damage anything.

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Post by 8304 »

make sure you do the bottom ball joints up first!!!!! :shock: :lol:

bit obvious but thought it mite be worth metioning 8)