Xantia dash removal

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Xantia dash removal

Post by Clogzz »

Part of this job is listed in the ‘Common Problems & Fixes – Archive’, but the link to the author no longer works.
This link goes straight to the dash removal job:

http://www.frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/v ... hp?p=64323

Image Image Image
Image Image Image
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Post by davethewheel »

doesn't make it look any easier looking at those photo's :shock:

all set now going to start this sunday :)

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heater removal

Post by balki »

hi i removed my heater assembly last night did the whole job in one evening i follow the haines workshop manual but when the dash came out i used my imagination, i did not remove the lhm tank to get the bolt behind it and i didnt undo the wiring harness across the top of the heater i only removed the heater core section it has two 10mm bolts one at the top under the harness and one at the bottom this joins the aircon, fan, and intake to the heater core section once i undid them i just carefully removed the heater change the core and hosed out all the coolant mess in side because there arnt any electrics in this section this way its a lot quicker and less stuffing around

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Post by ACTIVE8 »

What is the expected job time for this job?

I.E. how many hours would a main stealer charge?

Obviously at home in the less than ideal conditions of the main stealers spacious workshop we will take more time especialy as the car belongs to us, and we would be more careful with it. :wink:

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Post by CitroJim »

Minimum, I'd say 8 hours.

DickieG (who is a dash removal/matrix veteran and knows all the short-cuts :D ) and I did my 2.1TD (one of the more difficult ones, as is an Activa :twisted: ) matrix in just about 8 hours, start to end.

The job is not difficult so much as long-winded and tedious. There is a lot to take apart!

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Post by DickieG »

Quite agree with Jim, if its your first time pick a weekend where the weather is good and start on Saturday morning :wink: its not difficult just time consuming, remember to take loads of digital photo's along the way as you'll easily forget where wires are routed, get one wrong and you'll have to remove the dash again,,,,,,,,,,,how do I know that :roll: also get yourself a large bag of patience :lol: