Throttle *cable* on 406 HDi?

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Throttle *cable* on 406 HDi?

Post by dvhttn »

A mate has just bought a 406 HDi estate to replace his 260K 405 ... One problem he has is the *throttle cable* seem stiff. I said - just get the cable replaced. Apparently it isn't that easy as there is no cable as such???
I'm a little puzzled by this (though I have never looked under the bonnet of one) so would like some advice from the illustrious readers of this forum as to where he should look ....

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Post by wheeler »

there is a normal cablt on it,only difference is it attatches onto a throttle potentiometer frather than an injection pump.not sure of the exact location on the 406.

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Post by Deezel »

Hi Its right in front of the brake master cyl , give it a good squirt of WD 40 and work the throttle for a few mins or maybe it's the actual cable that's tight, try removing it and you'll soon find out if it's potentiometer or the cable [:D]

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Post by turbolag »

The cable on my 406 HDi is in the middle of the engine bay, on the right (NS) where it attaches to the potentiometer at the rear of the airbox. It then vanishes down behind the motor and through the bulkhead.
For what a new cable costs I wouldn't fanny about with a doubtful one - you don't want it sticking open, even on an HDi 90.
Pug (and many others) use a cable, as opposed to just sticking a pot on the top of the accelerator pedal as many drivers prefer the 'feel' of a cable operated system.