Alternator, XM

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Alternator, XM

Post by naxia »

Hi guys i have an XM 2.1td VSX Auto on a P plate, i have a problem with the battery and alternator see : ... ms=battery
the alternator is not the type as described where i can change the charge module, so i need to replace it, however. Funds are not available to pay the £180 right now for a new relacemant so im wondering if there is alternate alternator from another car that i could aquire from breakers yard to replace it with, until funds are available or for a long term use.
thanks, naxia

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Post by NiSk »

The normal alternator for the TD12 engine is a Mitsubishi. The alternator from any TD12-powered car should fit (Xantia 2.1 td, Puegeot 605 td, 405 2.1 td, 406 2.1 td, 806 2.1 td, Citroen Evasion(Synergy) 2.1 td).
Although the problem is probably that the brushes have worn down. These can be replaced after a bit of fiddling (you need to open up the alternator) and It's just as well to ge the slip rings skimmed at the same time (they get burned by the short brushes).
A good car-electrics workshop should be able to help you rescue your existing alternator for no more than £10 - £20. The brushes are not available from PSA, but brushes for a FIAT Uno 75 fit.

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Post by RichardW »

I got an exchange alternator for a BX TD for about £65 a few years ago (he even took the old one even though it was seized solid!). Check out your yellow pages for autoelectricians etc to see if anything comes up locally - the co I used were near Reading. To my mind this a better bet than a scrapyard alternator that will probably cost half as much, but may well be of dubious quality.

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Post by Peter.N. »

GSF (the hosts of this forum) do one for £85:00 = Vat, free postage. Just go to Google and type GSF.

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Post by Peter.N. »

Sorry, that should be ' + Vat, forgot the shift.

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Post by tanto »

to get to gsf home page just click home at top of forum page
you could also try looking for auto electritians in your local area via the search page you may be able to get it reconditioned