help I need to flush my raidtor

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help I need to flush my raidtor

Post by Icey »

how do I drain my raditor on my Citroen exsara I cant find the drain nut

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Post by wrinklet1 »

Undo the bottom hose and remove it, let the water run out and the shove a hosepipe into the rad and flush the system out.

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Post by j_roc »

For best results you should remove it from the car to flush it. Let the water flow through it for about 5 mins, then put the hosepipe (with a good bit of water pressure) in the other pipes in the rad as far as you can get it and reverse flush it. Don't forget to turn the radiator at different angles with water flowing through it to dislodge silt/sludge/rust because if you dont do it thoroughly, when the rad gets blocked at a later date by ch**st will you know it. Also dont forget to flush the rad pipes, block and matrix. Hope this helps - Alex.

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Post by oilyspanner »

I remove mine and position it over a drain, then I put the hosepipe in through the bottom hose stub and flush for quite a long time giving it a good shake a few times, that gets the drinking chocolate out.