New car woes...

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New car woes...

Post by tris »

Can you believe people who buy cars without doing the most basic of checks?? I thought in this consumer age that we all did our research and know what we are buying, it seems I am wrong.
A friend of mine informs me that she is looking for a new car, so I say "ok I will help you out, I know a little when it comes to cars". But before I even know it she has bought one. Fair enough I think, not may car, not my problem.
So yesterday I get a message asking me to look at her car as there is an oil leak, so I go over. First impressions of this hasty purchase are poor. Its a good model, '96 pug 106 1.4d, but appearance is shabby, bonnet is slightly lighter suggesting a replacement at some point and some trim is poor. Ok back to the problem in hand, oil leak;
Omg! I have never seen an oil filter so rusty!!!! When the hell was that changed if its had a chance to go so rusty its sprung a leak from a hole! I'm guessing at least a couple of years!
So I'm now thinking when the last time this thing was serviced? My main concern is the condition of the cambelt. Going through the service history I find no mention of anything but one service from the last owner, in which the girl had the car from 2000 till now putting on some impressive 70k of service free miles it seems(now 100k). She must have been a taxi driver! (oh, I'm not saying taxi drivers dont look after thier motors;)
Anyway I'm gonna be a good lad and change the oil/filter for her and have a quick visual look at the belt.
Some quick questions:
* How often is the cambelt change on this model and is it a straighforward affair? I changed the belt on my petrol ax when I replaced the head gasket and I found this a little fiddle but
* What sort of quote should she expect from a garage for this job?
****more good news, she informs me that the car sometimes pops out of 5th on the motorway*** yay! new box?
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Post by ralph »

Oh dear, sounds like a right shed.
£100 to £200 for a cambelt done at a garage, but it may need new tensioner, pulley and water pump.
You're going to have to give this car the works, certainly the brakes will need a close inspection.
Plus, given the 1.4d likes to eat head gaskets, you'd better check the cooling system and flush it out.
Maybe your mate would be better getting it serviced, a full MoT (if it's not got one) and getting rid. I wouldn't want a poorly maintained 106.

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Post by arry_b »

Do yourself a favour, don't get involved.
Get her to take it to one of the fast fit places that does a oil and filter change for a tenner, then suggest she gets shot of it fast.
She can write any loss off to experience. The price of a belt, water pump, tensioners and gearbox far exceeds the value of a neglected 106. The signs are that it's always going to be a money pit.

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Post by madasafish »

If it's a typical 106, check the radiator for corrosion: anywhere.
I agree with arry b. This could be a loooooong saga and take up a LOT of your time.
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Post by fastandfurryous »

If that engine has 100k miles on it with no change of belt, it is on very borrowed time. Expect a phone call at any time to say "my car's stopped and won't work.. oh, and there was a bit of a bang when it stopped"
There are very few virtues to a 1.4D 106 in the first place, and one this bad has got to be a bad move.
Dare we ask how much was paid for said 106? I sold one about 2 years ago that was well under book miles, very well maintained, and was absolutely perfect for £1k. It's probably worth about £400 now, even if it's been maintained for the last 2 years.