Performance air filter

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Performance air filter

Post by jpl »

I have just bought a 205 fitted with a 1.1 engine.(1993) Kreg
The carburettor is a weber 32ibsh.
What performance air filters can I fit?
What about breather pipes?
What happens in winter with icing?

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Post by macaroni »

if you have a big round air filter canister, you can put an ITG performance element in it, in fact, I have one you can have if you want. I am in Kent/Sussex. I got mine from Merlin Motorsport.
Best thing to do with your car, is get a Solex 32/36 carb and manifold from an xs/gt/ax gt on ebay, this should bolt straight on.
If you fit a pancake filter/induction kit, you can get a little filter thing to replace the breather pipe on the rocker cover.
Don't worry about icing in winter unless you live somewhere really cold.