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john green
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cuttin out

Post by john green »

Hi Guys,
406 2.0 coupe 2000 w reg.
I have recently found that sometimes when approachin a junction or roundabout etc, as i dip my clutch to stop or coast to the coener, the engine revs drop to a point where it stalls.
This only seems to happen when i have been drivin over 50/60 for a bit and come to a junction. It doesnt drop below normal when changin up if you know wat i mean.
Any ideas??

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Post by martyb2 »

check the idle control valve, it could be needing cleaned.

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Post by lighteninguk »

for me i have experianced this in my last car, a VW Polo '85. the cause was due to my job, i required lots of late night driving, and i seem to remember it rained alot when i had that car too, so headlights,radio,windscreen wipers and then when you added the break lights the car would die/stall. 1stly the battery was about 5 years old (not bad realy) but the engine had the mandatory oil leak on the left handside of the engine from a leaking rocker cover gasket and the oil was going on the altenator,
so my guess would be to look at your battery (shouldnt be too bad on your '00 car), and possibly your alt?