205 Radio Wiring + Tax Question

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205 Radio Wiring + Tax Question

Post by pain »

Hi Everyone,
I've just got a cheap 205 GTI to use for a few months and i'm attempting to put a radio in :) the wires are not clear at all but ive managed to get power to the radio. It's all tuned in and vol is max and balance is set to middle etc.
I cant seem to get anything out of the speakers?! i've looked at the back of the speaker and there are 2 pink/white wires so i sorta know which ones to try but nothing is coming out?! My friend assures me the radio works (hmm!)
I just wondered if anyone has any wiring diagrams or info that could help me?
... and one other thing, as this is my friends car and it is in his name i was wondering if i'm going to have a problem taxing the car? I'm insured on it and it has 11 months MOT but the car reg document has his name on it. Anyone know if this will cause problems!

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Post by citroenzx »

well you can test to see if there is any output to the speakers by getting an old one and sticking the wires from the stereo directly into it

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Post by fastandfurryous »

If you are "keeping" the car for him, then you should change the name on the V5, as this shows the "keeper" of the car, NOT the legal owner. I think with current rules on tax that there has to be correlation between keeper and the person named on the insurance.

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Post by dvhttn »

I bought one of these when I had a 205 - but it assumes you have a radio with ISO connectors: http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/product ... ts_id=1299 I got mine from Halfrauds but the link shows you a nice piccie ... :-)
Can't seem to find a diagram on the net but there may be one out there. I'm fairly certain the Haynes manula had one - or was it the handbook I had with the car? Not sure, sorry.

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Post by hill »

Fastandfurryous is right about the V5. I had the same situation a few years ago when a mate was using one of my cars for a period of time.

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Post by joshm »

Following on from Mr Furry, the alternative to changing the V5 is to produce your friend's insurance document.
I think the only way you could currently be legally insured is if:
> You are insured as the owner/driver for the car and your name appears on the V5. This obviously means that your friend does not need to hold insurance for the vehicle.
> You are a named driver on his insurance policy, in which case you can produce his insurance when taxing the car.
> You have your own insurance for another vehicle but are covered 3rd party on his car. even in this situation, his car needs to be covered by its own policy (i.e. your friend's). In this case you should be able to get tax by producing his insurance policy.
If I am incorrect then please shoot me down, but I think it's wise to be cautious because if the worst should happen you don't want to be seen as driving around in an uninsured vehicle.
'91 205 GT

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Post by CitroJim »

205 GTi speakers are notorious for packing up. One of mine is nearly dead in the back. Heat and vibration from the err, firm but thoroughly enjoyable ride eventually sieze the voice coils. Try removing the covers and pressing the cones. If they don't move freely or really graunch then that's the problem.