Undo your nuts!!

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Undo your nuts!!

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Hi the purists and professional people be prepaired to look away or cringe.
Having struggled to undo various hydraulic pipe nuts that did not want to (hight correctors recently.) having removed some of the flats was not in the position to replace the pipes. The good way was to cut the pipes off and use a hex socket.My way was to get a standard sized pair of mole grips, attack them with a angle grinder to slim the jaws down. Open the jaws as far as they will go and then grind a small "V" across the jaw from side to side about 3/16" from the end do this on both jaws, so that when the jaws are closed the "V's" form a diamond shape. Dont make the cut too deep to start off. This will grip on the nut even if only 1 flat is left and by making small movements of doing up and undoing gradually will undo the nut. Believe me it will. If you find that the grips will not grip then either the "V" is not quite deep enough or the grips not tight enough.
The reason to grind the jaws to slim them was to reach the pipe nut on the front height corrector on my son's car some years ago.
You can of course do up nuts with them. But be carefull, start the nuts with your fingers as it is more than easy to "cross" the threads and then you are in real trouble.
Good luck.