Oil on the garage floor??

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Oil on the garage floor??

Post by citroenzx »

Use a solution of washing powder and watch that concrete sparkle![:D]

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB »

Don't put it on the drive though as it takes up the tarmac.

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Post by citroenzx »

i've also found that brake cleaner also works!

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Post by dan.2cv »

When I was a valeter I decanted some wheel acid into a cup the handle had fallen off of to make it easier to apply by brush. Within 3 days it had eaten through the cup and turned the surrounding concrete green. The ball bearings in spray bottles used to last just one go. It was, unsurprisingly, a rather effective alloy wheel cleaner though.

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Post by ActivaV6uk »

The real answere to this is absorbent cat litter, if you put it on oil its soaks it all up, even after its seept into the concreat sometimes!

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Post by howiedean »

Tesc*'s cat litter is pretty good. It is the closest stuff to that I have used at work to mop up spilt fluids from Tornado F3's.

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Post by __CA__ »

Or cement.