Not only speed cameras.

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Not only speed cameras.

Post by JohnD » 28 Jun 2003, 16:08

You may be incensed by the increase in the number of speed cameras installed to augment the income of Police Authorities, but what do you think of this article taken from a driving magazine?
"French police officers currently driving battered Peugeots could soon find themselves behind the wheel of top-range BMW's and Mercs. A proposal has been approved which will allow traffic police to keep vehicles impounded from law-breaking drivers for their own official use."

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Post by tomsheppard » 28 Jun 2003, 19:33

Sounds like bank robbers will drive old bangers and businessmen will become targeted criminals!

alan s
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Post by alan s » 29 Jun 2003, 05:31

If this trend keeps up, we'll have to look at getting the Governments to hire criminals to keep the Police problem of course; who's going to keep the Governments honest??? [:0][B)][}:)][:D]
Alan S [:o)]

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Post by philbar » 29 Jun 2003, 15:05

So the goverments are honest now?[?][?][:D][:p][:)][xx(][:(!][?]

alan s
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Post by alan s » 02 Jul 2003, 13:57

I recently came into some info that proved beyond doubt that some of our "Posse" of lawman type cowboys weren't exactly playing the gamby teh book, in fact they were telling big porkies to get convictions.
Our chief Sheriff the Police Minister & I had a fairly rugged run in over a couple of matters & as I couldn't get any sense through formal channels, I passed on my info to a journo at a National newspaper who didn't respond, however, a couple of days later this article appeared.
The legislation in question is one where a copper can basically confiscate your car for a period of time without any court action.
This guy did a real good job on the 'Honourable Minister." [:p][B)] ... 69,00.html
Read & enjoy; nice to see at least someone in the media sticking up for the motorist instead of doing sensationalised stories.
Alan S